Kindergarten Curriculum Overview


Text: Treasures. The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 2011; Phonics Practice Book, Teacher's resource; Assessment Handbook.


Related topics or skills taught: Letter identification; letter/sound relationships; blends; word families; classification; analogies; semantic mapping; compound words; plurals; suffixes/prefixes; context clues; picture clues; long word decoding strategies; journal writing; comprehension and retelling.


Teaching methods and resources used: Promethean Interactive Board, iPads/Chromebooks, Leveled Readers; Kindergarten Activity Workbook; big books; literacy centers; read alouds; word wall; shared reading; decodable books; journal writing; and phonetic skills.


Text: Saxon Math Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company 2012


Saxon Math uses a hands on approach to learning. Manipulatives are an essential part of the instruction. In Saxon Math K, new learning is presented in increments, with time provided between increments for practice. Mathematical strands are integrated throughout the year rather than taught in isolated units.


Topics Covered: numbers 0-100, counting, one-to-one correspondence, graphing, patterns, sorting, plane and solid shapes, positions, ordinal numbers, time, money, more and less, measurement, tangrams, sequencing, skip counting, counting on, geoboards, calendar skills, addition and subtraction readiness.


Teaching Methods and Resources Used: Promethean Interactive Board, iPads/Chromebooks, calendar, math manipulatives, computers, charts, large/small group instruction, and learning games

Social Studies

Text: Treasures. The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 2011; Teacher resource books and magazines


Primary units: Community, Appreciation for cultural differences, Famous Americans, National Observances, Self-concept and social skills, Location and direction, Citizenship, Farming, Christmas around the world, Friends and families, Feelings, Arkansas unit


Related topics or skills taught: Community helpers, school community, self-discipline, holidays, customs, Pilgrims, pioneers, Native Americans, patriotic symbols, values, landforms on a globe or map, presidents, wants and needs


Teaching methods and resources used: Promethean Interactive Board, iPads/Chromebooks, globes, charts, group discussions, videos, songs, guest speakers, art projects, posters, Scholastic News.


Text: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 2011; various other teaching resource books.  We also use library books pertaining to thematic units we teach.


Primary units: Nocturnal animals, Insects and spiders, Birds, Arctic and Antarctic Animals, Farm Animals, Sea Life, Five senses, Plants, Weather, Seasons, Health/Nutrition, Matter, Earth/Environment


Related topics or skills taught: Life cycles, change, classification of animals, habitats, water cycle, land forms, forms of matter, rainbows, recycling.


Teaching methods and resources used: Promethean Interactive Board, iPads/Chromebooks, videos, Scholastic News, posters, charts, simple experiments, class discussion, field trips, guest speakers, nature walks and activities from various teacher resource books.


Text: Faith First. Legacy Edition. RCL Benziger: 2010.


Primary units: The World is a Gift from God, God loves Us, We are Friends of Jesus, We Live as Friends of Jesus.

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