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Emotional Growth

 All students must LEARN to accept and appreciate who they are as individuals.  Developing LOVE of self as made in the image of God is the foundation by which we ACT with kindness and charity towards all Creation.



  • Whole-child approach to education seeks to develop students who are well-rounded and prepared for all life will throw at them 


  • SJCS stands on the shoulders of centuries of Catholic educational tradition which has formed so many leaders in our world


  • 8:1 student-faculty ratio and an average class size of 14 students produce a strong sense of family within our building


  • With PK-8th grades on one campus younger students have opportunities for fun and mentorship with upperclassmen

    • 5th-8th grade "Orders"

    • Prayer buddies

    • Junior High & Pre-K reading and recess time 

    • Catholic Schools Week Super Bowl


  • Public speaking training and opportunities beginning in kindergarten and emphasized in middle school and junior high prepare students to be responsible, independent leaders


  • All students, regardless of athletic ability, can find a role on our sports teams, yet teams remain competitive and further develop "Panther Pride"


  • Variety of extracurricular activities give each student a place to shine as they learn beyond the classroom; 93% of students participate in at least one school extracurricular such as Chess Club, Battle of the Books, athletics, band, drama, Quiz Bowl and many more



  • Dedicated, highly qualified teachers invest in our students and lead by example


  • Safe, structured environment inspires self-discipline and minimizes negative behaviors and bullying


  • Shared values and strong friendships lead to inclusion and accountability among a diverse student population


  • Anyone can find their place at SJCS

    • 14% of students receive free or reduced lunches

    • 13% of students receive financial aid

    • 1/3 of students from ethnic minority groups

    • 5 different primary languages spoken in homes

    • Diverse academic needs are met in all grades and subjects​



  • Dedicated time for prayer, worship, reflection, and mindfulness, on a daily basis


  • Proven success of our graduates in academics, athletics, and careers.

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