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Physical Growth

 As part of forming the whole child, students must LEARN to use their bodies in a healthy way as gifts from God.  Whether on the playground or on organized teams, physical growth helps students recognize their own gifts and talents and ACT with LOVE towards those both like and unlike themselves.




  • Physical education curriculum at all grade levels


  • Daily recess for all grades provides an important "brain reset" for the classroom and gives student opportunities to learn cooperation and fair play


  • Teachers frequently use in class "brain boosts" such as dancing or calisthenics to energize students before a new subject



  • Facilities include a gymnasium with a large seating area, two fields for multiple sport use, outdoor sports court, running paths, and playground equipment



  • Competitive & inclusive athletics: It is our goal to provide team athletic opportunities that fit students of all ages and ability levels while remaining competitive with other area schools. Athletic opportunities include:
    • ​Junior High
      • AAA Basketball
      • Volleyball (girls)
      • Track
      • Cross Country
      • Golf
      • Tennis
      • Summer Fitness Club (5th-6th)
    • Middle School/Elementary
      • AAO Basketball (4th-6th)​
      • Boys & Girls Club Basketball (K-6th)
      • Volleyball (4th-6th)
      • Running club (4th-6th)
      • Flag football (K-3rd)
      • Tackle football (3rd-6th)
      • NWA Youth Tennis Clinic (2nd-6th)
      • Soccer Clinic (PK-6th)
      • Summer Fitness Club (5th-6th)
      • Summer Basketball Camp (K-6th)


  • Teachers, alumni, and guest speakers discuss with students the value of athletics and exercise in life



  • Inclusive and competitive athletics program; All students who wish to participate are welcome yet teams remain championship caliber


  • Students are recognized for their team and individual athletic achievements at morning assembly throughout the year for both school-sponsored and independent activities


  • Students use their strength and other physical gifts to provide service both at school and in the community​




  • SJCS serves the community through its own formation of the Ozark Athletic Conference and our very own 5K

  • 33 championship teams in all sports since 2012 clearly shows that our students give their all when competing


  • Proven success of our graduates in academics, athletics, and careers

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